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Color: in-010
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Color: Blue

Size: 4.5*5*11.5cm

Suitable for: All age

weight: 0.23

Model: inhaler, nebulizer

Brand Name: JYouCare

Model Number: in-010

Origin: CHINA

Certification: CE

Choice: yes

semi_Choice: yes

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It is powered by usb cable or AA batteries,  Use 2 AA batteries (standard or rechargeable) when you're far from power, or plug it into an outlet using the included USB cable.
When you use usb cable to plug in , don't put AA batteries in .
when you doesn't use it , you need take the batteries out . you can't just put it in it all the time . The battery will rust. if it rust , then Rust water will flow out
For transportation reason ,  batteries is not alloAwed to be shipped by air , you need to prepare it yourself .
We suggest you to use power bank with usb cable , so it's convenient .
Or you could use good AA rechageable batteries yourself .
Don't use pure water , it is non conductive ,  you could use tap water .
Make sure the medicine cup is tightly with the host .
When you finish using the nubelizer , you'd better use ethyl alcohol to clean the whole medicine cup including the place where the fog comes out .then you could use warm water to clean the medicine cup several times ,do atomization with warm water.

The fast, quiet nebulizer you can use anywhere


•Fine-particle mesh is efficient and easily cleaned

•10 ml full capacity

•Whisper-quiet ultrasonic syste

•2 mask included (adult mask and child mask)



You could get silent atomization ,  Sound < 50 db

High atomization performance capabilities

Large amounts of mist , atomized partcle size less than 5 um.  

Applies to most respiratory diseases.

Atomization is fast ,  0.2 ml/min , The liquid particle diameter is 3um-4um , and the

atomization rate is > 0.2 ml/min, meet the requirements of inhalation.

It have two modes : spray mode and clean mode .

before using , fill in water or vinegal , Long press the power button for 3-4 seconds to

enter self-cleaning model to prevent clogging .


It support usb cables plug in or use AA batteries to make it work .

Medicine cup could be detached
It contain two masks and nozzle , child and adult masks.
weithg:109 G , you can easily carry it to anywhere
Product basic parameters
Product weight: 220g (without battery)
Productsize: L58mm x W47mm x H 125mm
Cup capacity: Up to 10ml
Noise: <50Db(A)
Power: 2 1.5V batteries or DC5V powersupply
Atomization rate:>0.2ML/min
Operation mode: Continuous operation
Atomized particles: 3um士 25%
No medicine, power off automatically

Usage and Care

To use:

1) Insert 2 AA batteries (standard or rechargeable) or connect to a USB power
source. (Due to air shipping restrictions, batteries are not included)
2) Open the cup and add liquid medicine.
3) Attach mask or mouthpiece.
4) Press the power button to turn on.
5) Use the nebulizer.
6) Press the power button to turn off.

The first time that you use the product, we recommend you pour in some hot
water (20–60°C/70–140°F). The machine itself does not have a heating function.


Remove the cup and Use warm water to clean it several times , then wipe it clean (rinsing alone is insufficient). Avoid touching the spray net of the atomizing nozzle.

Don't use pure water , it is non conductive ,  you could use tap water .  

Make sure the medicine cup is tightly with the host .

Fine particles: large fog, fine atomized particles, particles can reach 1-5μm, and drug absorption is more adequate
Fast speed: microporous spray sheet, fast atomization speed
Mute: through piezoelectric components, low-noise design is quieter
Less residue: chemical residue ≤0.5ml, economical to use
Flashing light reminder: green light on means normal operation, red light on means battery is out of power or voltage is insufficient
Power configuration: 2 power sources, use 2 AA alkaline batteries or use USB power adapter cable
(Due to air shipping restrictions, batteries are not included)

Package Contents

1 × Nebulizer
1 × Mouthpiece
1 × Child mask
1 × Adult mask

1 × Box

1 × Instuction mannual


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